As you know, the cost of labor goes well beyond an hourly rate. According to a Bureau of Labor Statistics study done March 2012, an average benefits package comprises 29.6% of employee compensation. When you work with MPS, you are immediately lifted from that burden, including the cost of payroll, tax liability, unemployment liability, and worker’s compensation.

The process of hiring, itself, is becoming increasingly costly. Trendy job-search engines like Monster, Indeed, or CareerBuilder can cost you an average of $400 for a single job posting without a guarantee of finding a candidate. It can also cost up to a $1,000 for limited access to a candidate pool of hundreds and if your company requires background checks and drug testing the costs continue to pile up.

We screen all of our career candidates for the most vital skills of their trade to respond to each individual client’s needs more efficiently, wherever possible. In addition, any advertising, specified screening, or special testing we provide is free of charge.

But what many professionals will tell you is that the true cost of hiring is simply the time and focus it takes away from your real job as well as the time it takes you and your staff to train your new hire. If after the weeks you invest in a new employee they just don’t work out you are back at square one.

GBSC offers a no hassle Temp-to-Hire process. Try one of our professionals in your office, assess their performance and ability, and see first hand whether they are a right match for your organization before you offer them a permanent position.